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About The Robinette Group

The Robinette Group is a full-service agency offering turnkey marketing solutions for established as well as start-up business entities. From banking, to medical device technologies, to seasoning, to paddle boats, TRG has promoted and branded a diverse range of companies and causes.

A new age in branding and communications has begun with smaller firms dedicated to developing focused, cost-effective, branding solutions. We’re committed to this philosophy and always welcome new opportunities and challenges. Let us know what we can do for you.

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Creative workstation
Eric Robinette

About Eric J. Robinette

Producing creative for Federal Express, the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies and Hilton Hotels, Eric was exposed to advertising and design at an early age. His father, John Robinette, graced the cover of Communication Arts in the early ’80s as a nationally respected commercial illustrator while his mother, Sheri, assumed the role of Creative Director at Tonka, Hasbro and Warren Industries. Designer of Rick Dee’s Disco Duck, and co-creator of hundreds of board games and toys, Sheri now resides in England with her husband/design partner, Terry Miller.

Eric is the proud father of two great guys, married his 7th grade crush, loves to garden, tends to bees and enjoys the occasional crab leg with family and friends.

letter to dad

Coulter Clark Robinette
(April 22, 2002)

Cullen John Robinette
(October, 2000)